Andreas Philipp Wand

Andreas Philipp was born at the 03.08.1777 in Holungen. He had at least two more siblings. His parents were Johannes Caspar WAND and Anna Maria HARTMANN.
His occupation was brickmaker and he lived in Buhla for some time.
He married Catharina Sophia GERLACH at the 06.09.1810 in Holungen.
Her children, exept Anna Maria, were all born in Buhla.

1. Anna Maria WAND *06.11.1810 in Holungen  
2. Maria Amalia WAND *26.11.1814 in Buhla +20.04.1853 in Buhla
3. Rosine Friedericke WANDT *12.07.1817 in Buhla +20.11.1871 in Brehme
4. Jakob Friedrich WANDT *04.01.1820 in Buhla +22.05.1901 in Bleicherode
5. Ignatz WAND *18.05.1822 in Buhla +31.12.1830 in Buhla
6. Heinrich Wilhelm WANDT *23.02.1823 in Buhla  
7. Andreas Philipp WANDT *14.12.1826 in Buhla +22.12.1829 in Buhla

Andreas Philipp dies at the 16.10.1853 in Holungen and his wife Catharina Sophia died at the 24.01.1849 in Holungen.