Johannes Peter Wand

He was baptised at the 30.12.1694 in Holungen. Johannes Peter married two times. With his first wife, Maria Elisabeth, he had seven children, four daughters and three sons. Maria Elisabeth died at the 20.12.1741 in Holungen.
children of his first marriage:

1. Anna Catharina WAND *21.11.1724 in ? +24.02.1726 in Holungen
2. Christian WAND *24.02.1726 in Holungen  
3. Maria Catharina WAND *25.07.1729 in Holungen  
4. Johannes Andreas WAND -Twin- *10.07.1732 in Holungen  
5. Dorothea Elisabeth WAND -Twin- *10.07.1732 in Holungen +12.12.1771 in Holungen
6. Maria Anna WAND *18.02.1736 in Holungen  
7. Jacob Josef WAND *02.02.1739 in Holungen +26.05.1807 in Jützenbach

He married his second wife, Anna Catharina Wiedenbruch, at the 28.01.1743 in Brehme, the village next to Holungen.
Johannes Peter and Anna Catharina had at least one more child.

8. Johannes Caspar Wand *02.02.1744 in Holungen  

Johannes Caspar Wand is the progenitor of the following line.
Johannes Peter dies at the 30.12.1769 in Holungen.