Jakob Friedrich Wandt

In the evangelic ministry in Haynrode, where the church registers of Buhla are kept, the birth entries of Jakob Friedrich WANDT were found.
He was baptised evangelic at the 04.01.1820 in Buhla.
His father was the catholic brickmaker Andreas Philipp WANDT and his mother was the evangelic Katharina Sophia GERLACH.
The spelling at his birth was clear: -WANDT-
In the register of marriages of the catholic ministry in Holungen the notices of marriage of Jacob Friedrich WAND were found.
There you can read, that he married the virgin Elisabetha Freundlieb in Holungen at the 27.01.1852.
At the time of his marriage he was 32 years and 23 days old.
You can get the date of birth from this, at this time common, age statement.
Because of this age statement and the parental statement Jacob Friedrich Wand and Jakob Friedrich WANDT are the same person. In the marriage entry you can read that Caroline Sophie GERLACH was the mother of Jacob, but this entry is obviously wrong. At the time of the marriage the mother was already dead.
At this time Jakob's wife Elisabeth was 21 years 4 months and 14 days old. So you can calculate her birthday to the 13.09.1830.
Her birth entry was found in Jützenbach.
It says: Maria Elisabetha FREUNDLIEB.
In the catholic ministry of Holungen / Thüringen two entries were found in the birth register of 1852 pages on page 101 and 104. It was about the birth of two children:
So Jacob had at least seven children:

1. Maria Wand *02.02.1852 in Holungen  
2. Johannes Joseph Wand *17.07.1853 in Holungen +23.07.1925 in Ellrich
3. Franz August Wand *25.11.1855 in Nordhausen +22.09.1868 in Nordhausen
4. Christiane Katharina Emma Wand *13.03.1858 in Nordhausen +02.12.1936 in Nordhausen
5. Andreas Karl Wand *20.04.1860 in Nordhausen  
6. August Albert WANDT *17.07.1865 in Nordhausen +20.04.1941 in Frose
7. Joseph Gustav Wand *29.04.1867 in Nordhausen  

Around 1852 / 53 Jacob's occupation was linen weaver. From the marriage entry you can see, that they married only seven days before the birth of their daugther Maria.
Also it is certain, that the spelling of his name was "WAND" until the birth of his son August Albert. He is the first who got the name "WANDT" in the birth register of the catholic ministry in Nordhausen.
His parents were also written down with the name "WANDT". It is also relatively certain, that the different spellings are based on the lacking writing skills. The ministers wrote down the names as they though they were written.
At the time of the birth of Franz August they all lived in Nordhausen. In the birth entries of his son Franz August you can read, that he worked there as brickmaker.
At the birth of his son Joseph Gustav all were called WAND again!
At the time of the marriage of August Albert (1888) all lived in Ellrich!
His job is written down as "brickmaker" in the document!

Jacob Friedrich died at the 22.05.1901, half past ten in the afternoon, in Bleicherode. I have the certificate of death. He was called "Altsitzer" there. In the certificate of death you can read, that his mother was named "Catharina Sophia Gerlach"!
In the certificate of death of his wife you can read, that she lived at her grandchild Karl Sauer in Bleicherode, Hauptstraße 32.
About the grandchild nothing more is known yet. He was called beer publisher ("Bierverleger") in the certificate of death.