Johannes Caspar Wand

The brickmaker Johannes Caspar WAND married Anna Maria HARTMANN at the 05.02.1771 in Holungen.
She was baptised at the 15.08.1748 in Holungen.
The two had at least four children.
Two sons and two daughters.

1. Maria Anna Sabina WAND *05.11.1771 in Holungen +11.02.1837 in Niedersachswerfen
2. Anna Maria Elisabeth WAND *30.10.1774 in Holungen +27.04.1842 in Holungen
3. Andreas Philipp WAND *03.08.1777 in Holungen +16.10.1853 in Holungen
4. Franziskus Josephus WAND *11.07.1781 in Holungen +05.12.1844 in Heiligenstadt

Anna Maria HARTMANN died at the 10.02.1824 in Holungen. The day of the death of Johannes Caspar is not known.