August Albert Wandt

August Albert was born at the 17.07.1865 in Nordhausen and baptised in the dome in Nordhausen.
He was catholic. Albert married the evangelic Johanne Friederike Dorothee Wilhelmina (Minna) WÖHLER, *02.12.1863 in Stiege, at the 16.01.1888 in Stiege/Harz. At this time he was a master butcher in Nordhausen and had his store in the Hackgasse 11 in Nordhausen for some time.
August Albert had four sons:

1. Karl Wandt *08.08.1889 in Nordhausen +10.09.1918 in Polen ( WW 1)
2. Otto Walter Ernst Wandt *22.06.1896 in Stiege +27.08.1957 in Stederdorf
3. Otto Wandt *16.01.1899 in Stiege +06.01.1952 in Nauenburg
4. August Paul Wilhelm Wandt *29.10.1901 in Stiege +24.07.1975 in Peine

All his children, exept Karl, were baptised evangelic. That's the reason, that all following generations were evangelic-lutheric.
About 1900 he moved to Ermsleben/Sachsen-Anhalt. There he had a butchery, too. From there he moved to Frose, where he opens up a butchery and a restaurant.
August Albert dies at the 20.04.1941 in Langenstein. His wife "Minna" dies at the 23.05.1935 in Aschersleben.