Special Thanks

A big 'thank you' goes to

Friedrich WAND from Heiligenstadt - Germany

He researches the location Eichsfeld in Thuringia for more than 60 years for the name


For health reasons he stopped the research and gave me his whole records, in form of a donation.
Many realizations are already into my own research. For completion of my records of WAND / WANDT / WANT, I call all interested ones to give me their records, if they are about persons who were born before 1920.

Peine, May 14, 2003

At the 27.01.2006 Friedrich WAND dies after a long disease at the age of 82 years. By the time of his death he was an enthusiastic genealogist. It was a great delight to listen to him and enjoying his great knowledge of the Wand/t family.       memorial card

Peine, February 3, 2006